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    Lori Graham   

About us

The Workers' Compensation Division (WCD) is the state agency that administers, regulates, and enforces the laws and administrative rules governing the Oregon workers' compensation system.

The system includes employers, injured workers, insurers, medical and vocational service providers, attorneys, third-party administrators, and any other participants affected by workers' compensation insurance and laws.

The division has three sections:
   • Operations
   • Performance
   • Resolution

Within the different sections are various units and teams that provide a variety of internal and external help, run programs, and provide services. The system ensures timely and appropriate medical treatment and time-loss benefits to injured workers while helping keep costs and burdens low for Oregon employers. Also, the division administers return-to-work programs that help injured workers return to their previous job or to find new employment.


WCD Mission

To continuously improve Oregon's workers' compensation system for workers and employers.

Mission, Vision, and Values
WCD: Who we are — at a glance
DCBS Annual Performance Measures

Administration provides policy direction and leadership for the Workers' Compensation Division including rulemaking, policy analysis, budget development and execution, strategic planning, legislative concept development, bill tracking, and quality assurance and performance management.

Administration includes:

WCD Administrator and WCD Deputy Administrator
The section provides operational support to the rest of the division, including purchasing, reception, information technology, and maintenance of the claims information system. The section also provides services, information, and analysis necessary to continuously improve the workers' compensation system, including communication planning and development, project management, training and outreach, legal issues coordination, and rule development and coordination.

The section includes:

    Administrative Services Team
    Claim Records Team
    Communications Team
    Policy Team
    Resource and Technology Services Team

Claim records disclosure


The section has responsibility for enforcing the workers' compensation laws relating to employer coverage, self-insurance, claims processing, worker leasing, and ensuring timely and accurate benefits are provided to injured workers. Section staff members certify self-insured employers and license worker-leasing companies. They investigate all subject Oregon employers for compliance with coverage requirements. They ensure the accuracy of disbursement and receipt of money from and to the various reserves, reimbursing approximately $100 million annually to insurers and self-insured employers from those funds. Through information provision, education and outreach, audits, investigations, service contract reviews, and penalties, staff members ensure proper claims management by all Oregon insurers and self-insured employers, and their third party claims administrators.

The Performance Section consists of three units: Audit, Employer Compliance; and Self-Insurance, Registration, and Reimbursements.

The section includes:

    Audit (including Managed Care Program)
    Employer Compliance
    Self-Insurance, Registration, and Audit & Reimbursements

Employer Coverage Monitoring Compliance
Worker Leasing

The Resolution Section resolves a multitude of issues involving medical, vocational assistance, disability benefits, and other disputes. The section provides information on the claim process, vocational and claim-closure reconsideration issues and administers and provides re-employment incentives through return-to-work programs. The workers' compensation system provides workers with fair, adequate, and reasonable benefits through wage replacement benefits to workers and their dependents when the worker is disabled. Essentially, the goal is to help restore workers to self-sufficiency.

The Resolution Section includes:
Appellate Review Unit
Employment Services Team

    Benefit Consultation Team
    Contested Case Team
    Preferred Worker Program
    Vocational Assistance Program
Medical Resolution and Sanctions (Investigations & Sanctions Unit)

Claim Closure Dispute Resolution
Claim Disposition Agreement
Employer-at-Injury Program
Lump Sum Payments
Return-to-Work Assistance Options and Initiation of Services
Vocational Dispute Resolution
Vocational Provider Registration

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