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    Danae Hammitt   

Are my claim records kept confidential?

Public records and your claim
Under Oregon law, the record of your claim filed with the Workers’ Compensation Division (WCD) is not open to the public. However, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer can get information about your past claims when needed to make decisions about your current claim, but for no other purpose. In addition, government agencies can have the information when needed to do their work. You and your attorney also have access to that information. Release of your claims history information for any other reason will require your written permission.

Appealed claims’ legal orders
Legal orders issued by State of Oregon agencies and courts are public information. However, claim documents and medical reports that the insurer sends to the Workers’ Compensation Division are not open to the public and will only be released in limited circumstances:

When requested by you or your attorney.

When you are a party in litigation and relevant records are subpoenaed.

When a court orders release of the records.

When needed by government agencies of this state or the United States.

When the insurer requests information about your past claims, including relevant medical information, in order to make decisions about your current claim.

Release of information about your claim for any other reason requires your written permission. An employer may not legally consider your workers’ compensation history in deciding whether to hire you.

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