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Workers' compensation e-billing


5 Steps to Begin Workers' Compensation eBilling
Workers' Compensation eBilling technical checklist
How to automate your workers' compensation claims (AMA webinar)

Rules and Guide

Administrative rules and companion guide

Planning and Meetings

1-23-14 | minutes
5-20-13 | minutes
1-30-13 | minutes
11-26-12 | minutes
8-27-12 | minutes
5-24-12 | minutes
2-13-12 | minutes
10-17-11 | minutes


The Oregon Work Comp Division has been holding advisory committee meetings to discuss medical electronic billing for workers' compensation. Committee members provided feedback that they want to bill electronically for workers' compensation, and we are drafting rules and an implementation guide to make that happen. For previous meetings, you can listen to the audio files, or read the meeting minutes. If you would like to be notified about future advisory committee meetings or receive eBilling updates, sign up here.

Please contact us with any questions, feedback, or advice.
Rules & Advisory Meetings: Fred Bruyns, 503-947- 7717
Questions & Advice: Nanci Johnston, 503-947-7767

Questions? Contact us at 503-947-7606 or e-mail